The Resources

Cultivate is more than a desk to work at. We offer real-world advice and support for your business from experienced and successful business owners. Cultivate has also established partners that can provide further resources.

Work Space Grants: Do you have a well thought out business idea and just need a place to launch? Cultivate may consider your business for a grant to cover all or part of the expense for your business to have a work space at Cultivate for a period of time.

On-Site Advice & Consulting: All business owners at Cultivate can seek basic advice or schedule consulting with Quick Square Consulting. Quick Square was established by Matt Yerkes in 2001 as a Grove City start-up providing enterprise hosted SaaS applications. Matt has also successfully launched and grown other companies and this real-world input along with his business growth and management methodology can help your company achieve success faster. Consulting is also available for those that are still in the germination and idea phase. By using the GROW methodology offered in our workshops we can help you look at the tough questions to plot out the variables that will spell success or failure for your idea and help you to determine this at a stage of idea germination before you have made substantial time and financial investment.

Partner Resources: Cultivate is pleased to be partnered with regional organizations that have resources to assist you – often at no charge. Cultivate can help you quickly access the exact resources and understand the expectations that are required thru various programs and growth opportunities that they offer. These organizations include:

Place to Work: The most tangible resource you will gain at Cultivate is place for you and your team to work with a physical address and place to meet with clients and business partners.

Sponsors: Cultivate engages various business sponsors from Grove City and the greater Columbus area that can be a resource to our Cultivators (businesses that work out of Cultivate). These sponsors include banking, accounting, law, investment, web developers, creative designers and a growing list of companies that offer free training, consultations and services to Cultivators.